When I think of the term girl boss, sister entrepreneurs Ashley and Morgan come to mind instantly. Born and raised in New York, these sisters have now developed their own business, a clothing company called Ever Row.  A business that is growing rapidly as a one stop shop for everything a college girl could ever dream of, ranging from statement earrings, bold purses, elegant dresses, and flirty swimsuits to unique shoes, trendy jackets, and head turning tops. 

Speaking of a girl boss, Ashley (left) holds a bachelor’s degree in Fashion Merchandising, a master’s degree in Organizational Leadership and Information Science as well as a current PhD doctoral candidate in Information Studies focusing on the Fashion Industry.  Morgan (right) holds a bachelor’s degree in Fashion Merchandising Management and holds a Juris Doctor.  She is also currently enrolled in a LLM program focusing in Fashion Law.  Talk about a power duo.  They started Ever Row after realizing they shared an interest in women’s apparel as well as a dream to create a unique lifestyle brand using a combination of New York fashion experience and style.  They suddenly found themselves on a mission to provide a sophisticated and stylish lifestyle, while also being affordable for the college market (this is absolute music to my ears being a current college student, lol I am so broke.)  They have used their experiences from attending college in the south and in New York City to create a company that engulfs game day, sorority events, date nights, spring break, and formals. They literally have an outfit or accessory for EVERYTHING!

This semester I have been given the amazing opportunity to represent this company as a campus ambassador at Iowa State University.  It has been such a fun experience and has directed me towards a career in the fashion industry. Ashley and Morgan have allowed myself and the other campus ambassadors help pick new clothing items, ranging from swimsuits for the spring break collection to dresses for sorority formals.  We participated in A TON of giveaways to give back to people that show their affection for Ever Row on social media! Ashley and Morgan even allowed each ambassador to do their own giveaway which was so much fun to be able to coordinate! 

As for the future of Ever Row, Ashley and Morgan plan to continue growing their business by adding additional locations. I am so excited to watch this brand continue to grow and I am thrilled to continue working with this Ashley and Morgan! I am grateful to have these two girl boss sisters as new role models to look up to in my life. 

Lauryn Swanson
Iowa State University

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