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Recruitment is intimidating, especially if you do not know what to expect. Trust us from experience; attending a southern recruitment is definitely a culture shock from NYC when you have no idea what you are getting yourself into. We are here to tell you what we wish we knew from the basics to what to expect and how to rank sororities.

The Basics
There are four rounds of recruitment, each designed to show PNMs (Potential New Members) a snapshot of life in each sorority. From living in the house to developing lasting friendships, the rounds are intended to help PNMs find their "fit". Depending on the size of the school and number of sororities on campus some founds may be split into two days.
  • Round One (Open House)
  • Round Two (House Tours)
  • Round Three (Philanthropy)
  • Round Four (Preference Round)
Sorority members are selected on a matching basis. At the end of each day sororities and PNMs will rank their top picks based on experience. When PNMs return the following day they will be given a list of which sororities they have been called back to AKA the houses they matched with. 

What to Expect
Recruitment rounds are similar to cocktail or networking events where you mingle and meet new friends. We understand it can be intimidating when you first walk into a house but try to calm your nerves and enjoy yourself! As you enter, members are usually cheering as loud as they can (and we're not kidding...there is usually a unspoken competition on which house you can hear from the street). Think of this as entertainment prior to the event where you can get a sense of the atmosphere for the party. Take the time to look around and embrace the experience because once the girls break from the line the party begins!

Have confidence, engage and be yourself. Remember, you are trying to decide which sorority is the best fit for YOU. Be prepared to answer typical icebreaker questions: Where are you from?, Why did you decide on this university?, Did you do anything interesting over summer break? As well as extremely odd questions: If you could be one kitchen utensil what would you be and why? During recruitment anything is game so be open-minded and answer all questions thrown your way. 

On your way out write down the sorority name and anything you remember during the round, this can be the outfits worn, conversation or even the food served. Choose something that will help you decipher each sorority when ranking at the end of the day. The rounds go by faster than you think and you definitely do not want to get them confused. 

Ranking Sororities
If you have done your homework on every sorority prior to recruitment you probably have an idea of the one you want to be in. Our advice: base your rankings on the day and go with you gut! Don't choose the "top house" because everyone said it's the one to be in. Choose the ones you feel are best for YOU and you'll have an amazing experience!

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