5 Reasons to Join A Sorority

1. Sisterhood
A sorority gives you a sense of community within a university. Bonding over similar interests, the relationships you build with your sisters last beyond those four years. With friendships comes memories and those memories will enhance your college experience. There is always someone to shop, eat, and study with, have late night convos and double dates.

2. Philanthropy
Each sorority dedicates efforts in raising money for a specific national philanthropy. Events are usually held once a semester and are well known throughout campus.  The entire Greek community supports each other when it comes to fundraising. Most events are designed as a way for chapters to compete while raising money, a popular philanthropic event is the Anchor Games hosted by Delta Gamma.

3. Social Events
Who doesn’t love to dress up and socialize? Sorority events allow you to socialize with other members within the Greek community while having some fun! These events include socials with specific fraternities (usually with a theme involved) as well has formal events.

4. Leadership
There are several opportunities for leadership within a sorority. From executive positions such as President or Recruitment Chair to cabinet positions that include spirit wear and date night. Taking on a leadership role is a great way to gain experience and responsibility within the chapter. 

5. Connections
A sorority is a great way to connect and build a network as an undergrad and alum. Sisters are always willing to help each other out in anyway they can. The dedication to the same organization holds a bond that allows you to build relationships with members in your major and connect with alumni in your chosen career path.  
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